TED rule 10

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Since last week in Bengkulu, I drove the crazy roads of Sumatra to finally reach Java and Jakarta after 4 days. But I arrived too late to extend my visa so I had to leave the country and flight to Kuala Lumpur. But good news, I have good access to internet and a bit of time to work on all the things I wanted to do. You can already see some pictures and even sounds on Mister Jo’s Facebook, and I started to work on the blog I promised you last week – does Mister Jo’s mysterious quest sounds like a good name for it? Do you have better ideas?

You’re also going to see some changes on the design of this blog, based on the recommendations you sent me (and thank you for that!). Of course I’m still following the previous TED rules, and I’m thinking about the best way to use them on my different projects. I’m talking especially about the rule 7 and its 5 secrets to happiness:  Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give, and the last TED rule on how story telling can change the world.

So I was thinking about that when I watched the last talk from Chris Anderson, the curator of TED:

Why do people like watching TED talks? All those ideas are already out there in print, it’s actually faster to read than to view, why would someone bother? Well it’s showing instead of telling. But even leaving the screen out of it, there’s still a lot more being transferred than just words. It’s in that non verbal portion, that’s some serious magic.[…] Face to face communication has been fine tuned by millions of years of evolution, that’s what made it into this mysterious powerful it is. Someone speaks, there’s resonance in all these receiving brains, the whole group acts together, I mean this is the communicating tissue of the human superorganism, it has probably driven our culture for millenia. […] It’s not too much to say that what Gutenberg did on writing, online video can now do for face to face communication. So that primal medium which your brain is exquisitely wired for, that just went global. Now this is big!

So yes, online videos are a better way to learn and connect. And if I create and upload videos myself I have to take notice (while filming), be active and give (share), while telling stories. All those rules at once! Happiness coming!

What I’m excited about, or what I think is underreported is the significance of the rise of online video. This is the technology that’s going to allow the rest of the world’s talents to be shared digitally, thereby launching a whole new cycle of crowd accelerated innovation

This is my 10th TED rule: I will film, edit and upload videos. More specifically, I want to share some of the small practical things I learn during my journey: I’m starting a series of short How To videos on my brand new youtube account.

Here is the first one from Mentawai: How To put loincloth. I’m starting in the world of video making so please give me advice and feedback!


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