TED Rule 16

Beijing, China

Long time no see! Almost one month without a new TED rule…  well, let’s take it on the positive side: I am so busy enjoying my exciting life that I cannot find time to watch TED talks and write the blog. From last month in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) I flew to Taipei (Taiwan), a wonderful crazy city with the best tea on earth (for the moment). I took a train to Chiayi to visit the countryside and the mountains, then back to Taipei and an other plane to Hong-Kong. After a week in Bruce Lee (and Jacky Chan) country to get the proper visa for China, I arrived yesterday to Beijing.

To summarize: I spent the month in big crazy modern Chinese speaking cities, each very different from the other, each having so much to do and see. I took many pictures – and videos – but had no time to process them. And I will not have time in the following week because of TED Rule 16.

TED Rule 16 is about peace, walk and tourism. It comes from a TED talk from William Ury, a mediator who worked on negotiations to avoid war (and was successful in Indonesia and Venezuela for example). In the talk, he presents his vision of the 3 sides of a conflict: 2 who disagree, and the third side: us.

The secret to peace is us. It’s us who act as a surrounding community around any conflict, who can play a constructive role.

If you watch the video, William is talking mainly about the middle east conflict, but his vision is way bigger. With other people he created the Abraham path, a way for the third side (us) of the middle east conflict to remind the two other sides (Israel/Palestine) the story (Abraham) that unites them. But it is more than that:

Terrorism is basically taking an innocent stranger and treating him as a enemy who you kill in order to create fear. What’s the opposite of terrorism? It’s taking an innocent stranger and treat him as a friend who you welcome into your home in order to show and create understanding, or respect, or love… […] The potential is basically to change the game. And to change the game you have to change the frame, the way we see things. To change the frame from Hostility to Hospitality. From Terrorism to Tourism.

I like that. From Terrorism to Tourism. Where could I try that? I could go to a country that scares a lot of people (who’s the enemy in video games nowadays?). An hermit country that is just opening his frontiers to few tourists, showing a will to move from terrorism to tourism. A country where the outside world is demonized, all subject of the american imperialism (they are not so wrong). A country mixing communism and fascism, with beautiful kitsh propaganda. So good that it was predicted in 1948 – in 1984. I could go to North Korea!

I may not make a big change going there, like William with the Abraham path. But starting the habit and opening the country, talking about it, sharing pictures, videos, experiencing the biggest truman (human?) show in the world may be quite a fun!  at least this is what I was thinking from books and documentaries, until I read “Nothing to Envy” and watched “Children of the secret state” – the only 2 medias showing compassion for North Koreans.

So I’m going to North Korea tomorrow  for a week! Of course no internet there (and no cellphone or GPS – but good surprise, laptops are permited), so I leave you with our great leader Kim Jong Il looking at things – and looking at you from his spy monitor.

Late TED Rule 16: Visit North Korea


One Comment on “TED Rule 16”

  1. Luj says:

    bah c’est dommage, Kim est en Russie cette semaine pour une semaine. Tu lui a fait peur ?
    Il est sense revenir la semaine prochaine mais il ne voyage qu’en train ca risque de lui prendre quelques jours pour revenir…

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