TED Rule 12

Wamena, Papua, Indonesia,

I’m just back from an exhausting trek with the Lani tribe in the mountains of the Baliem valley, Papua. I learnt to walk on trees in the jungle, to sleep with rats in small huts, to teach flute to kids (and I re-learnt flute is the most annoying instrument when kids start to “play” it), to wash -or not- in cold rivers, to eat strange fruits from the jungle, to great Papua people, to participate to the collective songs in smoky huts at night, to eat betel nuts (thanks Jacques!)…

But I think the most important thing I learnt during the trek comes from a short TED talk I watched just before… Thank you Terry Moore! “How to tie your shoes”

I can tell it makes a huge difference! If you tie your shoes correctly, no more need for double knots, ever!

Seriously, did you know that?

TED rule 12: Tie my shoes properly